Memorial, Plenary & Keynote Talks

Speaker Organization / Institute Title of Talk
Shri V S Jain Memorial Talk
Elliott Cramer NASA An Overview of Research in Nondestructive Evaluation at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Langley Research Center
Plenary Talk
Anil Parab L&T Reliable Quality for World Class Manufacturing
Invited Talk
Shyamsunder Mandayam GE Next Gen Inspection: What to Expect ?
Elloit Cramer NASA Computational Modeling of the Thermal Response of Fiber Wrinkling in Aerospace Composites
Sarmishtha Palit Sagar NML Potential of Nonlinear Ultrasonic for Damage Assessment of Structural Materials
Debashish Mishra GE Role of Analytics for Improving Volumetric CT Inspection
DD Joshi Insight Quality Services, Pune NDT Training Centres – Requirements and Challenges
CV Krishnamurthy IITM Nondestructive techniques for material density assessment: Challenges
V Manoharan GE, Bengaluru Corrosion Under Insulation -Screening using Microwaves
Prabhu Rajagopal IITM Bend it like Baichung! The exciting possibilities for sound amplification, filtering and bending using elastic wave metamaterials
Abhijit Ganguly IIT Tirupati Phased array ultrasound and thermography for non-destructive evaluation of concrete structures
Umesh Kumar BARC Overview of our experiences in Gamma and Xrays based industrial diagnostic and imaging techniques for NDTE
Isaac Heng Proceq The Fourth Industrial Revolution in NDE and NDT - Change is the only Constant
MR Bhat IISc Non-Destructive Evaluation of Hygro-thermal effects on Advanced Composite Structures
Abhijit Mukherjee Curtin Univ, Australia Non-destructive Monitoring of Infrastructure: Piezo and Laser Ultrasonic Systems
Amitava Mitra NML Evaluation of Residual Stress in Components using Electromagnetic Techniques
Neil Harrap TWI Artificial Intelligence Approaches as Tools for Auditing and Improving Data Analysis of Advanced Ultrasound Techniques in Non-Destructive Testing
Sauvik Banerjee IITB "Detection and Assessment of Disbonds in Sandwich and Stiffened Panels Using Ultrasonic Guided Waves and PZT Sensor Array"
Detection and Assessment of Disbonds in Sandwich and Stiffened Panels Using Built-in Ultrasonic Piezoelectric Wafer Transducers and Laser Doppler Vibrometer
David Z Fan NTU Singapore Corrosion monitoring of Pipelines in critical locations using ultrasonic guided wave tomography
Steve Mahaut CEA France Advanced NDE methods for the in-service inspection of sodium cooled fast reactors: simulation and experimental applications
Gavin Dao AOS - NDT Surface Adaptive Total Focusing Method for Complex Geometry and Review of various advanced TFM-based Algorithms
Dr Prabhurajgaonkar Residual Stresses in engineering components and Structures: Origin, consequences and Non-Destructive Evaluation
Visvanathan Sivaraman Deltametallurgical & Corrosion Consultants FZE, Sarjah Responsible Use of in-situ metallography
an event not to be missed!