Total Nos of Slots Oral Presentations : 130 Short Presentations : 28 e-Poster : 40
Allotted 107 52 24
Remaining 23 -24 16
S.No Paper No Name of Presenting Author Title of Paper Affiliation
1 CP1 K. Elliott CRAMER An Overview Of Research In Nondestructive Evaluation At The National Aeronautics And Space Administration’s Langley Research Center NASA Langley Research Center
2 CP3 PRASHANT VISHWAMBHAR WAGH Short Range Ultrasonic Guided Waves To Complement API 653 Based Onstream Robotic Inspection Of Critical Zone Of Atmospheric Storage Tanks. INDTT
3 CP4 Andrey BULAVINOV Acoustic Density Evaluation For Advanced Ultrasonic Testing Of Concrete Structures Acoustic Control System - ACS Group
4 CP5 Andrey BULAVINOV INTROSCAN – A Novel Couplant-free Wireless Crawler For In-service Inner-pipe Ultrasonic Testing Of Gas Compression Stations Acoustic Control System - ACS Group
5 CP10 ASHUTOSH SRIVASTAVA Automated Ultrasonic Immersion Through Transmission Imaging Technique -A Novel Way to Evaluate Dissimilar Metal Joints BARC, MUMBAI
6 CP11 ANUPAM KUMAR SINHA Design & Development of Automated Digital Radiography System BARC
7 CP13 Sheshadri PUNDALE Effect of temperature on ultrasonic shear wave velocity in Polymeric Specimen ARDE, Pune
8 CP15 rahul AGNIHOTRI Automated Ultrasonic and Visual Inspections using robots on ferrous and non-ferrous structures – A Patent Pending Technology Self
9 CP19 Rahul AGNIHOTRI Nondestructive Testing to Identify Concrete Bridge Deck Deterioration Self
10 CP20 MUTHU G Various NDE Requirements for Steel Castings Peekay Steel Castings (P) Limited
11 CP21 Yash AGARWAL Inspection Of Computed Tomography (CT) Data And Finite Element (FE) Simulation Of Additive Manufactured (AM) Components Synopsys Inc, USA
12 CP22 HARSHIT JAIN Advances in Ultrasonic Instrumentation for Inspection of Concrete/RCC Structures HBNI
13 CP23 EAGLEKUMAR G. TARPARA SNR Enhancement of Ultrasonic Pulse-Echo Signals using 1-D Anisotropic Diffusion Filter MR.
14 CP26 . D.UMAPATHI Condition assessment of Ammonia pipe lines – Case study D. UMAPATHI
15 CP27 YENUMULA LAKSHMINARAYANA Experiences in Computed Radiography for Nuclear Components and Assemblies BHABHA ATOMIC RESEARCH CENTRE
16 CP28 Anant MITRA Response characteristics of Wi-Fi enabled Gd3Ga3Al2O12(Ce) scintillation detector for radiometry applications Isotope & Radiation Application Division, BARC, Trombay, Mumbai, India
17 CP30 Harsh Madhukar BAPAT Detection of Surface Defects in Pressure Tubes of 540MWe Indian PHWRs Using Eddy Current Technique In-service Inspection Section, RDDG, BARC, Trombay, Mumbai, India
18 CP33 GURPARTAP SINGH Ultrasonic Technique for Detection of Nodular Corrosion in Zirconium Alloy Tubes Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
19 CP34 ANIS FATIMA Non destructive evaluation of composite resin restored human teeth using synchrotron based phase contrast imaging Technical Physics Division,BARC,Mumbai
20 CP35 ADIT NIKHIL PARIKH Automated Eddy Current Testing System for Automobile Piston Bowl Inspection Electronic and Engineering Co.(I) Pvt. Ltd.
21 CP36 BABU SUNDARARAMAN Role of NDT in Condition Assessment of Structures Proposed for Expansion and Reuse Case Study Nuclear Fuel Complex, Hyderabad
22 CP37 MANINDRA PRATAP SINGH Welding failure of Quenched and tempered low alloy steel of a reactor A Case Study INDIAN OIL CORPORATION LIMITED
23 CP38 PRITESHKUMAR MAVJIBHAI PATEL Fitness for service study of Chlorine Bullet T54576 GNFC LTD., BHARUCH
24 CP39 krishna kumar RAI Nondestructive Evaluation of Concrete Structures A case study of 36 years old reinforced concrete in research reactor Dhruva BARC
25 CP40 Tanmoy TANMOY BOSE Bicoherence analysis based delamination detection in glass fibre reinforced polymer composite plate National Institute of Technology Meghalaya
26 CP43 Nilesh S DALAL PC based RPC gap layer measurement system for MiniICAL magnet of INO project Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai
27 CP44 PRASHANT SINGH Determination of Inhomogeneity by Differential Impedance Imaging Technique BARC
28 CP45 RAJUL R. PARIKH Automated Ultrasonic Testing System for Inspection of ERW Pipes Electronic & Engineering Co. India Pvt Ltd
29 CP47 RAJUL R PARIKH Automated Ultrasonic Testing System for Inspection of Automobile Axles Electronic & Engineering Co. India Pvt Ltd
30 CP48 YOGESH YOGESH KASHYAP Xray Synchrotron Imaging Beamline for Nondestructive material characterization BARC
31 CP49 SATHISH KUMAR PALANISAMY Diagnostic Tool for NDE of Insert Joints in Honeycomb Sandwich Panels of Spacecraft Structures Scientist, U.R. Rao Satellite Centre, ISRO, Bangalore.
32 CP50 SVN HANUMAN NUDURUPATI Acoustic non destructive evaluation of GlassFibre Reinforced Plastic GFRP NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY MEGHALAYA
33 CP51 SHEFALI SHEFALI SHUKLA Study Of Reactor Structural Materials Using Neutron Radiography BHABHA ATOMIC RESEARCH CENTRE
34 CP52 Tushar ROY Development of fully 3D MLEM reconstruction technique for SPECT imaging Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
35 CP53 BINU B BINU Acoustic Emission Investigation of MetalCeramic Coating Fracture on Nickel Based Alloy Materials VIKRAM SARABHAI SPACE CENTRE/ ISRO
36 CP54 B.P. BADGUJAR Acoustic emission monitoring during laser processing of materials Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai
37 CP55 ANIL KUMAR DAS Advances in Boiler Tube Weld Joint inspection with Some case studies NTPC Limited
38 CP57 PETER CHRISTOPHER AMIN The present Non Destructive Examination techniques for Metal Additive Manufacturing AM parts and components and their future Mr.
39 CP58 Mayank Shukla MAYANK A tabletop compact neutron generator for NDT applications Bhabha Atomic Research Center
40 CP59 Charles TREMBLAY Pulsed Eddy Current Array Design and applications Eddyfi technologies
41 CP60 Sanket KARE Ultrasonic Testing Of Heavy Wall Nozzle Welds Using Phased Array Technique Praj Industries Ltd.
42 CP63 Raghavendra PEMMARAJU Digital Initiatives in NonDestructive Examination A Quality Tool in Manufacturing DGM
43 CP64 Ayaz JHANORWALA Designing of Colour Vision Tests from RGB Colour Values obtained from Colour Shades associated with particular NDE L&T MHPS Boilers Pvt. Ltd.
44 CP66 Jayesh PATEL Difference in Detectability and Flaw Sizing in E Scan and S Scan Focal Laws of Phased Array UT technique L&T MHPS Boilers Pvt. Ltd.
45 CP67 PARESH GOVIND MIRGAL Acoustic Emission Source Modeling and Classification in Concrete Beams Research Scholar
46 CP72 R&MURUGAN R MURUGAN Development of phased array Ultrasonic technique for AA2219 Friction stir weld of Propellant Tank and characterization of defects LPSC, ISRO, INDIA
47 CP73 R.N. KHATRI Study of plastically deformed region of ball indentation and its relation to mechanical properties through FE simulation HBNI, Anushaktinagar, Mumbai
48 CP74 AVIJIT KUMAR METYA Nonlinear Lamb Wave Mixing for the Assessment of High Cycle Fatigue Damage SR. SCT.
49 CP77 Tarun K. DAS High Temperature Eddy Current Sensors for Realtime Condition Monitoring of Engineering Components CSIR - National Metallurgical Laboratory
50 CP78 M ARUMUGAM Computed Metro Tomography for faster Metrology and NDE LPSC, ISRO, TRIVANDRUM
51 CP79 SHAHAUR RAHMAN Quality Assessment and Defect characterization of Tungsten Inert Gas welded joints for AA2219 Propellant Tank of Launch Vehicles LPSC/ISRO,INDIA
52 CP80 Sujit CHAKRAVARTY Failure of 316316L Grade Stainless Steel Tubing Analysis of Corrosion in Corrosion resistant Alloy Velosi (M) Sdn. Bhd.
53 CP82 Shekhar N. SHASHISHISHEKHAR Range Extension Techniques in Industrial Computed Tomography VJ Technologies
54 CP83 Sebastian SEBASTIAN FERNANDES Standards and Conversion Digital Radiography The New Horizon VJ Technologies
55 CP84 Sebastian SEBASTIAN FERNANDES Certification Issues Relating to Application of SNT T 1A VJ Technologies
56 CP85 KEDAR SATISH BHOPE Simulation Studies on Inspection Possibilities of Curved CuW Monoblock Assembly using Ultrasonic Circular Phased Array Institute Institute for Plasma Research, Bhat, Gandhinagar-382 428, India
57 CP86 DEBDUTTA GHOSH Crosscorrelation based Imaging of Defects in Plate using Ultrasonic Lamb Waves Structual Engineering Group, CSIR-Central Building Research Institute, Roorkee-247667, India
58 CP87 Meenakshi SHEORAN Determination of scaling volume in industrial pulp digester using radiotracer Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology
59 CP89 E RAMESH Quality assurance during manufacture of nested ripple type welded disc bellows for FBTR CRDM Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research
60 CP91 DEBDUTTA MALLIK Managing Quality in Oil and Gas Construction ASNT Level 3 Trainer / Technical Consultant
61 CP92 NAKUL KUMAR Eddy current thermography of angular slots in CrMo steel plate BHEL, NITT
62 CP93 SANTOSH KUMAR Measurement and Computation of Residual Stresses in Weld Joints Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
63 CP100 TIPU SULTAN Experimental investigation of Acoustic Emission AE Technique for Health Diagnostics of Check Valves for Nuclear Power Plant SCIENTIFIC OFFICER
64 CP101 V K Sunil Kumar JUTTURI Analysis of Regulatory Inspection Findings of Industrial Radiography Facilities Atomic Energy Regulatory Board
65 CP102 MADHESWARAN GANESAN NonDestructive Mechanical Characterization of Critical Launch Vehicle Systems Propellant Engineering Division, VSSC, Trivandrum - 22, India
66 CP103 SWARUP ACHARYA Non destructive evaluation and characterization of Advanced cladding material for extended burn up application in Indian PHWRs NUCLEAR FUEL COMPLEX, HYDERABAD
67 CP106 Aditya chilukuri ADITYA CHILUKURI Pitting corrosion detection in thin tubes using guided wave mode T01 Indian Institute of Technology Madras
68 CP107 ARUN KUMAR YADAV Design of an automated magnetic wheeled robot for crack inspection of overhead cranes by using NDT GMR sensor Mr
69 CP109 Rajendra R SHETE Comparative analysis of various safety standards on Classification Construction of Nucleonic Gauges NGs Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, Mumbai
70 CP110 Harshada JAVERI Damage Assessment of RCC Bridge Deck using Impulse Response Technique Research Scholar
71 CP111 HARSH MAHAJAN Ultrasonic Guided Wave Propagation and Defect Detection in Rail using Bonded Piezoelectric Sensors IIT BOMBAY
72 CP113 AJIT ANUPAM Comparative Study Of Various NDE Personnel Qualification Certification Standards Larsen & Toubro
73 CP114 PARESH HARIBHAKTI Life assessment using ARTiS Automated Robotic Tube inspection System A multi NDT approach TCR Advanced Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
74 CP115 SHWETA RAM PAUNIKAR Identification of Unknown Forces from Experimental Responses using Spectral Finite Element Method Indian Institute of Science
75 CP116 chandra Sekhar ANGANI Detection of the Change in Thickness of Stainless Steel Plate Using Transient Eddy Current Oscillations Method Dept of Electronics and Physics, GIS, GIATM Deemed to be University, Visakhapatnam, India
76 CP119 BHARAT ASALPARA skills requires for Interpretation of ToFD Images in accordance with ASME Code Section VIII Div 1 2 for Fracture Mechanics based Acceptance Criteria InspecNDT
77 CP121 BAJPAI NAVTESH QA and NDE Experiences During Fabrication of Large Diameter Thin Walled Nuclear Waste Storage Tanks IGCAR
78 CP122 K MURUGAN Qualification of Colmonoy Hard Facing by Ultrasonic Testing for Various Components of Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor IGCAR
79 CP123 JOEL STEPHEN Remote Operation of IGREDs using Smartphone EQIS
80 CP125 GOKUL RAJA S G Liquid Level Measurements Using Waveguide Sensors Centre for Non-Destructive Evaluation, Indian Institute of Technology Madras
81 CP126 Raghavendra PEMMARAJU Triple Wall Triple Image Technique for Examination Of Autogenous TIG Welded Joints In SS316Ti Bellow After Forming Operation DGM
82 CP130 MUKHAR SHARMA Development of Indigenous Cobalt based Industrial Gamma Radiography Exposure Device COCAM120 Board of Radiation and Isotope Technology, India
83 CP131 ARUN KUMAR S Comparison of Residual Stress Measurements in SS316LN Steel Welds using Ultrasonic LCR and XRD Techniques IGCAR
84 CP132 Anish Kumar SUMANA Phased array ultrasonic imaging using Virtual Source Full Matrix CaptureTotal Focusing Method VSFMCTFM Ph.D. Student
85 CP133 K ARUNMUTHU Application of Xray Computed Tomography for Characterization of Weld Defects in Tubes IGCAR
86 CP134 K ARUNMUTHU Corrosion Studies in Concrete using Xray Imaging and Acoustic Emission IGCAR
87 CP135 s KUMAR Evaluation of Weld Joints in Nuclear Facility using Advanced Ultrasonic NDE Homi Bhabha National Institute
88 CP136 M.M NARAYANAN Detection of ServiceInduced Damage in Steam Generator Tubes of PFBR using Ultrasonic Guided Waves IGCAR, KALPAKKAM
89 CP137 Sannasi THIRUNAVUKKARASU Sweep Frequency Remote Field Eddy Current Testing for Estimation of Thickness of Ferromagnetic Tubes Scientific officer, NDE Division, IGCAR, Kalpakkam 603102
90 CP138 Harshada JAVERI Damage Assessment of RCC Bridge Deck using Impulse Response Technique Research Scholar
91 CP139 ponseenivasan PONSEENIVASAN A comparative study on inspection of dissimilar weld joints using different ultrasonic methods ponseenivasan
92 CP141 Lalith Sai Srinivas PILLARISETTI Ultrasonic Wave Propagation in Lbend Curved CFRP Laminates Numerical and Experimental studies NDE Lab, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, IIT Hyderabad, India
93 CP144 HARIKISHORE MADDI Detection of Circumferential Cracking in Stainless Tubes Using Eddy Current Array Probes Mr
94 CP145 AKHILENDRA SINGH GANGWAR Interaction of the A1 Lamb mode with symmetrically placed delamination in CFRP laminate Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee
95 CP146 DEBDUTTA GHOSH Imaging of Concrete Structures using Active Thermography SCIENTIST, CSIR-Central Building Research Institute
96 CP147 GIRISH UDDHAV TEMBHARE Analysis of Lamb wave propagation through plate with bend using hybrid method Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee
97 CP154 Jagadish KUDKULI Nondestructive techniques for invitro characterization of Human teeth enamel Senior Research Fellow
98 CP158 Esha SEN GUPTA SiPM based gamma detector for NDE Applications GE Global Research
99 CP159 Vamshi Krishna Reddy KOMMAREDDY Aircoupled Ultrasonic Inspection and Characterization GE Global Research
100 CP160 Prasad THAPA Robotics and Automation for NonDestructive Testing For Oil Gas Power and Aviation application GE Global Research
101 CP161 N MURUGESAN challenges and our experiences in evaluation of space components and weld joints by radiography in liquid propellant system integration for aerospace applications IPRC
102 CP162 Tomáš ZAVADIL Options For Detection of ThermallyInduced Structural Changes Of Steel By Phased Array Probes Czech Technical University in Prague
103 CP163 Tomáš ZAVADIL ASME ANDE1 How It Differs From Traditional NDT Qualification Systems ATG (Advanced Technology Group), Ltd.
104 CP165 Tomáš ZAVADIL InterLaboratory Proficiency Testing of NDT Labs According To ISO 17043 As A Tool For Continuous Improvement Principle According To ISO 9001 ATG (Advanced Technology Group), Ltd.
105 CP167 Tomáš ZAVADIL Quality Factors Affecting NDT Personnel Qualification And Certification Process ATG (Advanced Technology Group), Ltd.
106 CP168 APARNA SHEILA VADDE Can the Industrial Internet of Things IIoT change the Inspection paradigm GE Global Research
107 CP169 AMAR KAILAS BORAWAKE Certification options for NDT Personnel Globally NDTS India (P) Ltd.
108 CP170 Arun NAIK Introduction to Alternating Current Field Measurement Technique ACFMT NDTS India (P) Ltd.
109 CP171 AJIT ANUPAM Identification of Non Relevant Indication in ferritic butt joint during Magnetic Particle Testing Larsen & Toubro
110 CP172 SHAKTI SINGH Focal Spot Determination of X Ray Generator NDT Level III
111 CP173 DAMON PARSY Shaping the future of Structural Health Monitoring with IOT sensors Beanair GmbH
112 CP174 V S GHALI A thermographic coating thickness estimation modality using quadratic frequency modulated thermal wave imaging K L E F Deemed to be University
113 CP181 Biswajit MEDHI A single camera and fringe projection based imaging system for simultaneous measurement of inplane and out of plane displacements ShanMukha Innovations Pvt. Ltd., SID, IISc
114 CP184 Menaka M Crack Detection in Tantalum Tungsten Alloy Flanges Through Active Infrared Imaging IGCAR
115 CP185 KANKAN TALUKDAR Application of EMAT in Boiler Water Wall Tubes PB1 and Inservice High Temperature PBH thickness gauging NDTS INDIA (P) LIMITED
116 CP187 TABJULA JAGADEESHWAR Generation of Ultrasonic Guided waves in Optical Fiber and Reception using Fiber Bragg Gratings Sensor Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Madras, Chennai, India
117 CP188 FRANCOIS LACHANCE Latest ultrasonic lineararray inspection techniques for defects evaluation on composites eng
118 CP189 Rajeshwara chary SRIRAMADASU Quantification of pitting corrosion in rebars embedded in concrete by using ultrasonic guided waves generated with piezoelectric wafer transducers PWTs IITB-Monash Research Academy
119 CP190 SAYANTAN GHOSH Finite Width Waveguides for Structural Health Monitoring Indian Institute of Technolgy Madras
120 CP191 Antony CHERIAN Developments of Advanced Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing Techniques for weld inspection Full Matrix Capture FMC and Total Focusing Method TFM NDTS India (P) Limited
121 CP192 Harendra KUMAR On Type IV Creep Damage in Creep Strength Enhanced Ferritic Steels and Potential Nondestructive Techniques for its Detection at Early Stage Brunel University London
122 CP197 G RAMESH Experiences in Quality Assurance and NDE in Corner welds of reprocessing projects SO/F QAD IGCAR
123 CP198 Joseph J KAKKASSERY A Heuristic Fuzzy Logic Approach to Improvise the Acoustic Emission Source Location Data during High Hit Rate in Composite Laminates Dept. of Aerospace Engineering, MIT Campus, Anna University, Chennai, India
124 CP199 Joseph J KAKKASSERY Accurate Determination of Acoustic Emission Source Location through Thickness Direction in Composite Laminates by a Combination of Ultrasonic Data and Theoretical Model Dept. of Aerospace Engineering, MIT Campus, Anna University, Chennai, India
125 CP206 MANOJIT SHAW Detection and Characterization of Wall Thickness Loss in Austenitic Steel Tubes by Eddy Current Testing BARC
126 CP207 NIYANT MEHTA Advanced Phased Array UT inspection of CRA Clad Piping weld joints NA
127 CP208 VENKAT NATESAN RAMANI HeFlow A computer code to estimate the Sensitivity and Response time for the NDT method Helium Leak Testing in Vacuum Systems PLASMA & VACUUM TECHNOLOGIES
128 CP209 V KALYANAVALLI Nondestructive evaluation of basalt fiber reinforced composites Material and Defect characterization department of physics, National Institute of technology trichy
129 CP210 MAHESH RAJA PERUMAL Essential factors in understanding the detectability of subsurface defects using ECT Mr
130 CP212 Balamurugan T SIVAPRAKASAM Analysis of the choice of Transmission Line for microwave NDE of Dielectric Composites Mr
132 CP216 Dharmveer SINGH Magnetic Particle Examination of Dissimilar Welds A case study of MPI indications in dissimilar welds of Grade 22 to Grade 91 General Electric (GE) Power
133 CP221 Shweta PADMANABHAN Ultrasonic Waveguidebased Distributed Temperature Measurement in Furnaces CNDE IIT-MADRAS
134 CP222 Jayaram KIZHEKKE PAKKATHILLAM Near field Microwave NDE of Composites Using Printed Efield Sensor Department of Engineering design, IIT Madras, Chennai, India
135 CP223 Zul Karnain AHMED A. ZUL KARNAIN Elastic waveguide with conical transmission profile for improved beam directionality and transmission into bulk Centre for Non Destructive Evaluation, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Madras
136 CP224 DEBDUTTA MALLIK A Theoretical Study For Determination Of POD In Simplified Manner For The Purpose Of Examination System Qualification Of OnlineAutomatic NDT ASNT Level 3 Trainer / Technical Consultant
137 CP226 DEEPAK RANA Passive Wireless RFID Sensor for surface rack monitoring NIT Trichy
138 CP227 Geetha CHAKARAVARTHI Inspection of mechanical characterization of metallic materials using passive wireless RFID Sensor Department of Instrumentation & Control Engineering, National Institute of Technology Trichy, Tamil
139 CP228 dharmveer SINGH Review of Codes for PAUT and TOFD in Power Oil and Gas Industries General Electric (GE) Power
140 CP229 ALOK KUMAR BANERJEE Xray computed tomography scanner and industrial applications in dimension metrology An overview Seifert & Atlas
141 CP230 SANDEEP KUMAR SIKUNDALAPURAM RAMESH Ultrasonic Bandgaps of Torsional Mode using Waveguide Metamaterial Rod INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY MADRAS
142 CP231 R RAMAR Computed Tomography System for Nondestructive Assay Scientific Officer-E Radiological Environmental Safety Division, Radiological Environmental Safety G
143 CP232 John Kiprotich BIRIR Interaction of ultrasonic waves with defects University of Nairobi
144 CP233 Siddharth SIDDHARTH SHANKAR SH guided wave generation using Lorentz force EMAT IIT Madras
146 CP235 VK KRISHNADAS Finite Element Analysis on different cases of Nonlinear Elastic Wave Mixing through a Guided Medium Centre for Non-Destructive Evaluation, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Madras
147 CP236 Mohamed Subair SYED AKBAR ALI Farfield ultrasonic imaging Indian Institute of Technology Madras
148 CP237 Abhishek SAINI Optimisation of HalfSkip Total Focusing method for accurate sizing of surfacebreaking cracks Nanyang Technological university Singapore
149 CP239 NITIN KUMAWAT NITIN KUMAWAT An Improved Measurement of Internal Diameter and Wall Thickness of Irradiated Zr25Nb Pressure Tubes by Immersion Ultrasonic Testing Post Irradiation Examination Division, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Trombay, Mumbai-400085, India
150 CP240 C T MANJUNATH Effect of Interface Conditions on Focusing of Lamb waves in a Stepped Plate Centre for Nondestructive Evaluation, IIT Madras
151 CP244 JYOTI GUPTA Validation of Inspection Software Developed for Rapid Inspection of Xray Gamma Autoradiograph of FBTR Fuel Pins Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
152 CP245 MOHIT SINGH Application of Hilbert Huang Transform of Acoustic Emission Signals to Study Fracture Process in Cementitious Materials Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
153 CP246 GIUSEPPE NARDONI A New Frontier In TOFD Using 23 Angle Beam For Scanning And Characterization Of Indications In Weld Examinations With Ultrasonic I&T Nardoni Institute
154 CP247 S KSHAMA Evaluation Of Hygrothermal Degradation In Composite Structure With Infra Red Thermal Imaging CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories
155 CP248 Deepak MALL Effect of frequency on attenuation of ultrasound in propellant ARDE
156 CP249 DARSHAN KUNDAL Eddy Current Testing On Saturated Duplex Stainless Steel Vishvesh J Badheka
157 CP250 Sumeet KUMAR Approach to Determine the Temperature of an Object with Unknown Emissivity using Noncontact Technique Department of Physics, IIT Madras
158 CP251 Ondrej DOUBEK Automatic MPI Systems For Railway Industry ATG (Advanced Technology Group)
159 CP252 Ondrej DOUBEK Automatic FPI Systems For Automotive Industry ATG (Advanced Technology Group)
160 CP253 Sai Aditya Raman KUCHIBHATLA Addon filters for ultrasonic transducers Indian Institute of Technology Madras
161 CP254 Nikhil GALANI Guidelines For Ultrasonic Examination Of Austenitic Stainless Steel Using Twin Crystal Longitudinal Wave Probe Larsen & Toubro
162 CP255 ANUMULA SHYAMSUNDAR REDDY Radiography testing of Inconel625 casting using Betatron BHEL
163 CP256 ANUMULA SHYAMSUNDAR REDDY A case study on Radiographic evaluation and interpretation of Nickelbase alloy Investment precision casting BHEL
164 CP257 Maryam VIQAR Terminal Velocity of an Object in a Fluid Using Image Processing ALIGARH MUSLIM UNIVERSITY
165 CP259 S REMAKANTHAN Detection of debond at interface of motorcase and rocasin insulation in strap on motor segments using radiography and ultrasonic inspection methods A case study SCIENTIST
166 CP260 KC AJAYAN Fault rectification and preventive maintenance of 6 MeV Linear Accelerator Case studies SCIENTIST
167 CP261 T. V. SHYAM Development of rotating magnetic field eddy current testing system for flaw detection in pressure tube of Pressurized Heavy Water Reactors Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
168 CP262 NISHANTH RAJA Ultrasonic Waveguide Based Level Measurement using Fundamental Modes L01 T01 and F11 simultaneously CENTRE FOR NDE -IIT MADRAS
169 CP263 Chetan Ashok SOMANI Application Oriented Research in Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing A review Deptt. of Mechanical Engg., Polytechnic, The M. S. University of Baroda, Vadodara
170 CP264 PRASHANT WAGH Risk Based Inspection approach for effective monitoring remaining life for integrity of Refinery equipment INSTITUTE OF NON-DESTRUCTIVE TESTING & TRAINING
171 CP265 BALASAHEB BABANRAO MATE Substituting ultrasonic testing by radiographic testing for butt welds in arm boom of 360 degree excavatordigger NDT LEVEL III
172 CP268 Krishna Kantilal KRISHNA Reliable PA Ultrasonic Corrosion measurment Krishna Bhuta
173 CP270 Krishna Kantilal KRISHNA BHUTA Application of Advanced Focusing Technic for improved PAUT inspection capability Krishna Bhuta
174 CP271 Krishna Kantilal KRISHNA Advanced Eddy current Technic replacing conventional NDE Technics Krishna Bhuta
175 CP272 Krishna Kantilal BHUTA Computed radiography in Multi high thickness Castings Forgings Krishna Bhuta
176 CP273 MAHENDRA K BHATT Application of FPD based DR for Developing Radiography Testing Technique for the Health Assessment of Complex Assemblies in a Rocket Motor HEMRL, DRDO PUNE
177 CP274 ZUHAIB AHMAD PAUTFor Detection of Crack and Its Propagation Analysis During Life Estimation Of High Stress Piping Case Study IRC ENGINEERING SERVICES INDIA PVT LTD
178 CP276 Praveen KOTE Test TEST
179 CP277 AKHIL BALACHANDRAN Finite element modeling of noncollinear shear wave mixing CNDE, IIT MADRAS
180 CP283 Sruthi Krishna K P SRUTHI KRISHNA K P Evaluation of Thermal Barrier Coating Thickness using Pulsed Thermography Experiments and Numerical Simulations IITM
182 CP285 DEEPAK KUMAR SINGH Detection of Corrosion under insulation CUI by Pulse eddy current technique PAUL CROUZEN
183 CP288 SASIDHARAN PILLAI REMAKANTHAN S Non destructive evaluation of surface tears on solid propellant rocket motors using radiography ISRO
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